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Frequently Asked Questions
How much does it cost?
$695. See our prices page for more details.
Can I get a demo?
Yes, download a 30 day trial right now. It costs nothing and all data you enter during the trial is saved. Learn more and download it from the demos page.
Do you have a support plan?
Yes, we certainly do. Read about it at on our tech support page.
Do you offer training classes?
No, but we do have free training videos right here on the web. Check out training videos.
We're on a computer network. Does it cost more for us?
No, one price covers everyone on the network. It doesn't matter how many people use the Reporter at one time. However, if you have two separate offices, whether networked or not, you'll need to purchase two copies of the Reporter. You can learn more about our multiple office discounts on the Additional Offices page.
Can my volunteers submit hours from home?
Yes, using the Web Assistant your volunteers can enter hours from home, new volunteers can sign up on-line, and you can post job opportunities on the web.
Can I import data from my existing data base?
Yes, you can do-it-yourself for free or have us perform a custom conversion for $1000. Our Importing Data page explains it all.
Is it easy to use?
Very. That's what so great about the Volunteer Reporter. We designed it from the ground up to be easy for anyone to use. Computer novices use the Reporter without any training.
Will the Reporter run under Windows 8?
Yes, perfectly. The Reporter also runs under any other flavor of Windows since Windows 95.
What kind of equipment do I need?
Any Windows computer less than eight years old. We recommend a computer less than five years old. You need a CD drive to install the software.
I have another program from one of your competitors. Can I upgrade?
Yes, you sure can. We have a lot of customers who move from another program so we make it easy. In many cases we convert your data for free. Check out our Importing Data page and call to see if your program qualifies.
Can I buy just the Touch-Screen Assistant now to sign in my volunteers?
No, the Touch-Screen Assistant is an optional, additional module for the Volunteer Reporter. It won't run unless the Reporter is already installed on the same network.
How long have you been in business?
Since 1986.
What is the newest version of the Reporter?
The current version of the Volunteer Reporter is 6.1. You can see your version on the Help, About window.
What format is the data stored in?
The data is in dBase(7) format.
Do you have a Mac version?
No, sorry we don't.
Do you have a Spanish or French version?
No, sorry we don't. Currently the Reporter is only in English although it handles any country's formats for currency, dates, addresses, and phone numbers.
Do I have to purchase your support plan?
No, it's purely optional. Most of our customers sign up for support so that anyone on their staff can call with questions and so that they always have the newest version.
What happened to the RSVP Reporter?
With version 5, the name was changed to the Volunteer Reporter.
Is it just for RSVPs (Retired and Senior Volunteer Programs)?
No, not any more. Although originally designed for RSVPs, we expanded and enhanced the Reporter years ago to work well for any volunteer center or organization using volunteers. It still produces all reports and information that RSVPs need to report to the Corporation for National and Community Service and it is used by over 60% of all RSVPs, but it is also used by many other organizations around the country.

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