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Tech Support Renewal

If you have received a Tech Support Renewal Letter and Order Form in the mail, you can renew on-line right here. Pay securely with a Visa, Mastercard, American Express, or Discover card.

Technical Support and Upgrades are bundled together and you receive this bundle free for the first year. After that, tech support and upgrades cost $300 per year.

Price per Office

Tech Support Renewal is sold per office and you are free to use the Reporter on all computers within the office. You can read more detail about what defines an office, but basically, if it is in a separate building or has a separate telephone number, we count it as a separate office.

Web Assistant

You can also renew your Web Assistant subscription here. It requires that you also carry support so, in other words, you can't renew the Web Assistant without also renewing support.

Older Versions

If you don't have the most recent version of the Reporter, the price is $400 to catch up and then $300/year after that. Please don't renew here because this on-line renewal is for current customers with the latest version. Instead, call us at 800-391-9446 or email us at .

Renew Now On-line

On your renewal order form, your customer ID is printed right above your name and starts with "57". If you don't have an order form, please call us at 800-391-9446 or email us at .

Customer ID
Web Assistants

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