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New in Version 5.1

New BHN Codes
The Reporter includes a conversion utility to upgrade your BHN codes to match the current, official list from the Corporation for National and Community Service. They recently added 29 new BHN codes and changed the numbering of 79 others, leaving only one code unchanged. This only applies if you are an RSVP, FGP, or SCP project, otherwise it is probably not important.

To upgrade your BHN codes, start the "Volunteer Reporter Data Utilities", a separate application installed with the Reporter. Click on Start | Programs | Volunteer Reporter 5 | Volunteer Reporter Data Utilities.

Word Timesheets
The Reporter has always offered up many different styles of timesheets for your choosing including Do-It-Yourself Timesheets, but now we've added the ultimate in creative timesheet design -- integration with Microsoft Word to produce any timesheet you require. By combining the flexibility of Word to layout your timesheet and the automation of the Reporter to merge in your data, you can produce any possible timesheet for your volunteers, stations, or jobs.

We've already done a lot of the work for you by supplying over a dozen sample timesheets from which to build. Start with one of the samples, make a few changes, and you'll end up with a great timesheet you can use every month.

We use several obscure features in Word to produce timesheets, so even if you are a Word expert, you'll want to read about how to create Word Timesheets under Job Reports.

Accurate "Last Page" When Previewing Reports
Now, when previewing any report, the "last page" button takes you to the exact last page of the report every time. The Reporter used to estimate the last page in order to jump ahead more quickly, but was often inaccurate. Now the Reporter takes a little longer, but always jumps ahead to the exact last page. If you liked it better before, you can use the new "Settings" button to do it the old way.

Bad Filter = Canceled Report
When you get that dreaded message, "Sorry, but this filter yields no records", the report now cancels immediately instead of showing all the records. You still need to adjust your filter, but at least you don't have to wait for the report to finish. Now if we could just make the Reporter read our minds and create the filter for us...

Letters and Envelopes
Through integration with Microsoft Word, you can now create form letters to use at various times. For example, you can create a letter for new volunteers, one as a reminder for a monthly board meeting, and another for volunteers needing a renewal. Then from within the Reporter print the letter addressed to an individual without leaving the Reporter. You can print the letters one at a time or for a filtered group of volunteers.

Creating a form letter is not difficult. We supply several samples for you to start with when creating new ones. After you create the letter in Word, the Reporter automatically merges in the volunteer's name, address, and any other information you specify and then prints it. It's quick and simple. Once you create a good form letter you can reuse it whenever needed and you can share it automatically with everyone else in your office.

Have you ever wanted to quickly print an envelope for a single volunteer? Now you can with one click of your mouse. It's just like printing a letter, but easier. We've already supplied the form needed for a standard business size envelope so you're all set to go.

Monthly Hours Reports
These handy new reports show the hours served for every month over any twelve month period of time. You can use this to discern service patterns for your volunteers, stations, or jobs over an entire year.

Better Color Usage
All screens and components of the Reporter now display correctly when the computer is using the color scheme "High Contrast Black", which can be useful for some people with low vision.

Group Email Messages
Since version 4.2, you've been able to send email messages to individuals, but now you can also easily send the same email to a group of people at once. You can apply any filter to a group of volunteers, stations, or jobs and then automatically open your email program and paste all of those selected email addresses in either the TO: or BCC: fields.

Scrolling Comments
You can now scroll through long comments without having to edit the volunteer, station, or job record first.

Placements Improvements
You can now add new placements from the volunteer screen. On the "Placements and Hours" tab, you can click on the New Place button to add placements for this volunteer.

When adding new placements, whether from the placements, hours, or volunteer screens, the Reporter maintains alignment on the same volunteer record so you don't have to go searching a second time for the same volunteer.

Job Description List for Web
This is a new "report" that doesn't ever get printed on paper. It is designed as a quick and easy way for you to post job opportunities on your web site. It is a short, concise list of jobs in a table format that you can easily copy to your web site at regular intervals. For example, you can prepare this report and update your web site with it every week. It's so simple you can do it in five minutes, tops.

You choose which columns to include, select several size and dimension settings, and create a file on your hard disk in the format of the web (HTML). Copying this file to your web site is a simple process called FTP. Your web designer can show you how to do it, but it's basically as easy as copying a file from one computer to another on your network.

Hours Improvements
The date limits you set in Preferences prevents hours from being added too far in the future or the past.

When you edit a volunteer's name, the new name immediately appears in the Hours screen without having to reindex the files.

DYMO LabelWriter Support
If you own a DYMO LabelWriter, the Reporter enables you to print mailing labels on it. DYMO (www.dymo.com) makes several models of LabelWriters which are specialty printers that print just labels that come on rolls. They are handy for printing labels one at a time or for larger groups of labels. The Reporter now supports this popular label printer and will automatically detect if one is attached to your computer.

Report Improvements
You can create a HTML file directly on a floppy drive without having to first save it to the hard drive.

The report Volunteer Addresses, Phones, Birthdays, and Ages can print the volunteer's name either with or without the salutation.

The Volunteer Description report can now be printed for a group of volunteers from the Reports menu as well as for a single volunteer from the Volunteers screen. Also, sometimes strange characters were printed in the comment fields on this report as well as on the Job Description report, but no more.

On the Stations Profile report there were some extra zeros printed in the volunteer column that meant nothing, but were confusing. They're not there any more.

The Inactive Volunteers report has been changed to correctly categorize a volunteer who has no active placements as of the end of the time period, but who served hours during the time period.

All reports have been optimized and many will now run faster.

Duplicate BHN Codes Removed
When upgrading from a previous version of the Reporter sometimes all the BHNs would be duplicated with 999 codes. Now that doesn't happen and the duplicates are removed automatically.

Windows XP Improvements
The Reporter already ran perfectly under Windows XP, but now it always finds the "My Documents" folder used for HTML and merge files no matter which user is logged in.

Reimbursement Limits
You've always been able to indicate monthly limits for reimbursement amounts on the Preferences screen, but until now you could not indicate that all requested reimbursements should be counted as in-kind. You have had to include at least one penny as a monthly limit, but now by checking that you have a monthly limit, but the monthly limit is zero, all requested reimbursements will be counted as in-kind contributions.

Closer Reference Manual
You can now open the reference manual right from within the Reporter. Just click on Help | Reference Manual to open the electronic manual.

Miscellaneous Improvements
The term "Handicapped" is now "Person with Disability".

It used to be that if you reassigned a job to a different station, the change didn't show up on the placements screen until you reindexed the files. Now it does.

The spell checker worked intermittently on some computers. Hopefully, we have this licked.

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