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Introduction from the Publisher

In version 5.3 of the Volunteer Reporter, we spent most of our time improving and expanding reports, as they are the primary method of retrieving and compiling vital information. We upgraded the creation, viewing, and presentation of reports. We also developed numerous new reports and modified existing reports. Below is an overview of the upgraded reporting features as well as other valuable additions to the Volunteer Reporter all designed to make it more powerful and user-friendly.


For more details on these new features, click on Help and then either Help Topics or Reference Manual. Both the on-line help (Help Topics) and electronic reference manual (Reference Manual) are identical. In either one, refer to Reference | Reports in order to learn more about the new reporting features and how best to use them.


One of the most exciting new features is "live update". You may be familiar with this feature through your anti-virus software. With a single click from within the Reporter, you can automatically check on the Internet for new changes, fixes, or upgrades to the Reporter. It's free and easy.

Click on Help | Live Update and the Reporter will check for updates. If found, the update will be automatically downloaded, installed, and distributed to every other computer on your network. This exciting new feature enables us to easily pass on changes and improvements mid-year between our annual updates. It also allows us to fix any problems found in the Reporter.


You are no longer limited to just printing reports. They can now be exported in numerous file formats including:

This option will allow you to share reports with others. In addition, you can now email reports. These two upgrades work hand-in-hand as you can now export a report as a specific file type and email it to others.


Improvements have been made to the preview screen of reports. When you choose to preview the report, a preview screen will appear with thumbnails of the report in the left column. These thumbnails represent each page of the report which allows you to easily choose the specific page you would like to view.

The reports themselves are also easier to read as lines have been added to separate rows and columns. By using your mouse's wheel, you can also easily scroll to the top or bottom of these reports for easier viewing.


By clicking on the new Layout button available on every report, you can now add an optional header and footer, allowing you to customize reports with the name of your organization, for example.

You can also change the page layout with options to:

These layout changes will affect all reports so that every report from your office has the same layout.



We made numerous improvements to existing reports. The following list outlines these newest features:


If your display is set at 800 x 600 or higher, you can now widen the Reporter's screens as wide as your screen will allow for complete viewing of longer names.

Entering hours has never been easier. The numbers you enter will be automatically formatted for the space, allowing you to enter hours without having to use the backspace or delete keys.

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