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Web Assistant
The Web Assistant is a new subscription service that enables your volunteers to enter their hours from home and also enables interested people to apply to be volunteers online.

Update Look and Feel
If you use Windows XP, you'll notice the Reporter is now more attractive with brighter colors, rounded corners, and better highlighting.

Mailing Labels for Birthday Cards
We made it easier to produce mailing labels for birthday cards, since this is so common. You don't have to use a filter any more if all you want is mailing labels for people with birthdays in a certain month. You can also choose to print the birthday month and day right on the label to make it easier to mail them at appropriate times.

Find a Volunteer Finding a volunteer is now a completely searchable grid. Now, when you click on the Find button of the volunteer screen...

...you are presented with a full screen grid of all of your volunteers. Click on any column heading like "1st Name" in order to sort the volunteers by that column. This makes it very easy for you to find a person by any of their information including phone number, email address, and social security number.

Statistical Reports
We changed all the "statistics" reports to have the option to "include records with 0 hours". These five reports, Volunteer Statistics, Station Statistics, Job Statistics, Station Type Statistics, and Service Category Statistics, all now have an additional check mark you can use to include records with zero hours. Normally, we want to see statistics for just active volunteers who served hours during the time period, but this new option can be useful if you don't keep track of hours with the Reporter or have a lot of volunteers without current hours.

We made the creation of filters more intuitive and easier to understand. All of the limitations for volunteers are located on a single tab and setting or clearing any single limitation is more straightforward.

More Volunteer Date Fields
We added four more user-defined date fields for volunteers for a total of six. You can use these for any purpose like keeping track of various expiration or due dates. Just as with all user-defined fields, you can rename any of these, too.

Station Mailing Labels
Just like with volunteers, you can now easily choose to not include some stations when printing mailing labels. On the Stations screen, you can mark any station as needing a mailing label or not.

Then when printing labels for stations, normally only those with a check mark will be printed.

Performance Adjustments
On the Preferences screen, we included a new Performance tab where you can adjust settings that can speed up the Reporter.

Station Roster Spreadsheet
To match new requirements from the Corporation for National and Community Service, the Reporter now automatically generates a correctly formatted file name for your station roster spreadsheet which is based upon the name of your project, the type of project, and your state. The Reporter saves this spreadsheet in your "My Documents" folder.

The Station Roster spreadsheet no longer wraps after line 96. This corrects an error with the original spreadsheet supplied by the Corporation for National and Community Service.

On the Station Roster spreadsheet, if you neglect to enter your project name when asked, the Reporter no longer pops open an error message, but instead just leaves the the project name blank on the resulting spreadsheet.

Miscellaneous Improvements
The electronic manual is formatted better for printing with a table of contents and page numbers.

Data in spreadsheet cells are no longer padded with extra spaces.

If a volunteer has two placements at the same station, terminating one will not remove both from the Hours entry screen.

For clarification, the Years of Service report now includes a notation that the lifetime hours listed are calculated as of today, not the "as of" date. The years of service are calculated as of the date you choose, but the lifetime hours are not recalculated, but taken straight from the Volunteer screen. This is not a change, just a clarification.

In Reimbursements Merge files the Car Miles and Reimbursement columns are now correctly delimited by a pair of quotation marks.

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