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Web Assistant Improvements
The Web Assistant now enables station supervisors to enter hours for all of their volunteers. This new feature is in addition to enabling volunteers to enter hours from home. Now, one supervisor can scroll through a list of their volunteers and enter hours for each in turn. When you receive the hours, you can see who entered the hours, either the volunteer or the supervisor before you approve them. Then you can choose to approve just hours sent by supervisors, by volunteers, or all hours at once. You give each supervisor that you want to enter hours their own username and password. It's very intuitive and easy to use for both you and your station supervisors.

In the Web Assistant settings, when entering screen messages, the Reporter stops you when you reach the limit of what will fit (254 characters).

You can now track monetary and non-monetary donations made by either volunteers or stations. Enter the details about donations right from the Volunteer and Station screens on a new tab. We've included over a dozen new reports and spreadsheets to help you manage and track these donations. The Reporter now keeps track of lifetime donations and pledges for volunteers in the same way it keeps track of lifetime hours.

Mailing Labels
Like all other reports, mailing labels now can be previewed, printed or exported as Pdf, Word, or Excel files. They have the same look and feel as all other reports. We have also added many more label sizes for you to choose from. Volunteer labels can now be printed with the last name first. For those of you using a Dymo labelwriter, it's now easier to print a batch of labels on it.

Name Badge and File Folder Labels
You can now print name badges and file folder labels for your volunteers, stations, and jobs. Name badge labels can be used for luncheons and meetings while file folder labels fit perfectly on file cabinet folders.

Automatic Live Updating
You can now have the Reporter automatically check for new live updates every few days. This means that whenever we fix a mistake or make an improvement, you'll receive it automatically. By default, the Reporter will check every 10 days for a new live update, but you can change this In Preferences.

Awards and Available Times
For volunteers, you can now keep track of awards they have received and times they are available. Every volunteer can have as many awards and available times as needed. We've set up some samples for you, but you can create your own just as with every other type of code.

Touch-Screen Assistant
For those of you using the optional Touch-Screen Assistant, you can now administer it right from within the Reporter without having to open another program. It works the same as always, but is easier and more efficient for you to administer since it is inside the Reporter. You'll find it on the top menu under Assistants where it is grouped with the Web Assistant.

Record Count
The Reporter now displays a count of the number of volunteers, stations, and jobs above the list of names.

Volunteer PINs and Passwords
You can edit a volunteer's Touch-Screen Assistant PIN and Web Assistant password on the info tab of the Volunteer screen. The same applies to Web Assistant passwords for station supervisors. You can also still edit these from the Touch-Screen Assistant and Web Assistant screens.

Faith-Based and Disaster Services Stations
You can track which stations are faith-based and which offer disaster services. These are used on the Stations Profile report and counted on the Station Statistics report. They are also included on station spreadsheets.

Station Roster Spreadsheet
We fixed a problem where phone numbers without an area code displayed incorrectly as negative numbers. You can now choose to include any of the three Memorandum of Understanding dates for each station. The spreadsheet now includes total counts for stations, unduplicated volunteers, and number of PFI stations. We also fixed a problem where the last row was not wrapping correctly.

Minor Changes
You can now filter on actual birth dates as well as birthday months and ages. This will enable you to prepare reports and spreadsheets for just people born in a particular decade or era.

When you click on Help | About the Volunteer Reporter, it shows you the location of your data, program, and shared documents. This can help us debug any problems you have accessing your data.

When you terminate a volunteer, station or job, the next record in the list is now highlighted instead of the first record.

The on-line help file has been changed to a format suitable for all versions of Windows including Vista.

When entering new reference codes you now see how much space you have left for the code with a blue progress bar across the bottom of the field.

We included the newest age groupings for RSVPs, SCPs, and FGPs on the Volunteer Statistics report.

We removed any extra, trailing dashes in zip codes.

You can now correctly use an ampersand (&) character in user-defined fields.

When you terminate the job, the number of filled placements is now set to 0.

When you change the format of telephone numbers in Preferences, the phone numbers for emergency contacts of volunteers are also changed.

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