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Touch-Screen Assistant Messaging
If you use the optional Touch-Screen Assistant, you can now send messages to your volunteers whenever they sign in or out. You can send messages to individuals, filtered groups, or everyone. You can set messages that will be sent throughout the year whenever any type of volunteer's renewal date comes due. Birthday messages will also be sent automatically, if you choose.

Jobs as Clients
Sometimes volunteers serve with a particular person instead of at a job. We have modified Jobs in order to accommodate serving with individual clients. You can track a clients name, address, birthday, age, sex and several other items specific to Foster Grandparent and Senior Companion programs.

Bigger Screens
You can drag screens longer as well as higher in order to see more information on one screen.

Double-Click Jumping
You can quickly jump from one section of the Reporter to another by double-clicking. For example, from the Job/Client screen, double-click on the station field and you jump straight to that station's record.

Stipends for Volunteer
You can choose to pay a stipend to some or all of your volunteers for their volunteer service. Stipends are calculated automatically when entering hours although you can change the amount. In order for a stipend to be calculated, the volunteer must be checked as being a stipended volunteer and the job must be checked as being a stipend job with a default stipend amount for each job. This enables you to restrict stipends to only some volunteers at some jobs. You can also set an overall default stipend in Preferences.

More Powerful Filters
For every filter limitation, you can now select whether the item is blank or not blank as well as a specific value or range of values. For example, you can create a filter of just volunteers who don't have a birth date.

New Reports
Volunteers Without Any Placements During a Period of Time.

Three new reports for the Web Assistant. Hours and Reimbursements Waiting for Approval, by station, job, and volunteer.

Stations by Issue Area.

Client Counts by Special Need.

More Flexible Backups
When making backups, it remembers where the last backup went and it will add the date to the filename if you choose.

Minor Changes
Email and web address fields are tripled in length.

Trailing dashes at the end of zipcodes are removed.

Stations can be searched on a grid like volunteers.

All Hours Served reports allow for totals over 1 million hours.

When switching between the All, Active, and Inactive lists, it stays on the same record.

If the Reporter is already running when you try to start it, it switches to the open one instead of telling you that it's already open.

Schedules can be duplicated a year in advance.

You can filter by the date a volunteer was inactive or active.

On hours served reports you can choose to not include stipends, reimbursements, and in-kinds columns.

On hours spreadsheets, if you don't reimburse at all, no reimbursement columns will be shown. The same goes for impact counts and stipends.

On Hours Served, Detail spreadsheets, you now have the option of including subtotals.

Service Categories are now optional for jobs.

The Touch-Screen and Web Assistant screens can be opened along with other forms.

Typos fixed on Job Daily and Condensed Schedule and Timesheets.

Volunteer spreadsheets include Touch-Screen PINs and Web Assistant usernames and passwords.

The Touch-Screen Assistant will get live updates downloaded by the Reporter.

All reports with email and web address now correctly wrap email and web addresses instead of truncating them.

Fixed filters for station donations. They weren't working right.

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