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Volunteer Photos
You can drag photos from your computer onto the volunteer’s record, then print, rotate, crop, and export them.

Check for Duplicates
When adding a volunteer, perform a duplicate check to prevent duplicates from being entered.

Do-It-Yourself Spreadsheets
Create an unlimited number of custom, reusable spreadsheets that include just the columns you want.

Update the Value Wage
Update the value wage for all or most jobs at once. You can set the default value wage in Preferences.

Restart Jobs and Placements
When restarting a station you can choose to also restart jobs and placements for the station.

Include "Current Resident" on Mailing Labels
Include “or current resident” as an option when printing labels.

Automatically Extend the MoU Renewal Data
When adding or editing the Memorandum of Understanding Last Renewal date, you have an option to set the next renewal date to 1, 2, or 3 years in advance.

Display Filter Limitations
On the filter screen click on the new "Display Filter" button to see all selected limitations for this filter.

New Report Hours Served, Detail by Station and Volunteer. This report does not include jobs, just all volunteers who served time at a station during a period of time. At the same time, we renamed the report, Hours Served, Detail by Station to be Hours Served, Detail by Station, Job, and Volunteer.

Minor Changes
You can delete schedules for just one volunteer at one job.

On the Total Enrollment report you have the option to only include those over 55.

Users with readonly access to datasets can no longer add, edit, or delete datasets, just select one.

Enable setting Web Assistant time out setting to 900 seconds.

On Drivers License List, you now have the option to include those with blank licenses.

We included a new filter limitation on whether a driver license is blank or not.

In the error log, we now include important folder locations and also removed some useless, confusing information in order to make it easier to get help when you have a problem.

Changed the New Volunteers report to allow it to include terminated volunteers.

Changed the Volunteers Without any Placements During the Period report to enable including volunteers who terminated during the period. This allows this report to match the Total Enrollment report.

A new station could sometimes show a volunteer. Also a new volunteer could show a job or some hours.

Sometimes volunteers would be shown on the Hours tab for a non-existent job.

Fixed filters to correctly filter on blank (and not blank) skills, groups, awards and available times.

The Job Activity Status report now includes jobs with 0 filled and no placements.

When adding a new data set while in a password protected data set, it was asking for your password after reindexing.

Names like DiVito were not alphabetized correctly on the Hours by Station screen.

The Totally Inactive Volunteers report was including volunteers who were terminated during that time, but are now non-terminated.

We changed the Total Enrollment report for volunteers who re-started by now, but were inactive during reporting period. They were counted as active.

On both the Hours Served by Service Category and Service Category Group reports we added a line for "unspecified" or jobs with blank service categories.

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