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Volunteer Interface
All of a volunteer's data is displayed on one tab. The efficient display means you don't have to switch between tabs looking for the information you want to find.

Placements and Hours
You can now add and edit placements and hours right from the Volunteer screen.

Additional Volunteer Fields
We added 3 more phone fields, a specific field for keeping track of veterans, 10 new check marks, 5 more codes, 5 more text fields, 4 more date fields, 6 more number fields, and 10 more lists. You can also have up to 9 different addresses and 9 different contacts for each volunteer.

Customize Fields
We added a lot more volunteer fields, but instead of overcrowding the volunteer screen, you can now pick and choose which fields you want to use. You can rename fields and rearrange them so that they are displayed in an order that makes sense to you. Do all of this from the new Fields List screen.

Default Values
For most volunteer fields you can set a default value that will be entered automatically when adding new volunteers. You set default values from the Field List screen.

Longer Fields
We lengthened several important fields including salutation to 10 characters and all codes and lists to 50 characters. No longer will you have to abbreviate counties, termination causes, or disabilities.

Lists with Dates
For lists like awards, you can now keep track of when they received the award. This can be useful for things like trainings or vaccinations. We’ve given you 5 new lists with dates to use for any purpose.

Easier Termination and Restarting
We have made it easier to terminate and restart a volunteer or a placement. Each one can be done in just one step instead of several because there are separate buttons for both terminating and restarting volunteers and placements.

Long Comments
We also made it easier to work with long comments by putting them on a separate tab, enabling you to jump to the top or bottom, and inserting today’s date with a single click.

Fiscal Year
In Preferences you can set the start to your fiscal or budget year. The Reporter will use that month when running reports to enable you to select that period of time. For example, if your budget year starts in April, the Reporter will enable you to set the reporting period to Last April-March and This April-March.

Mailing Label Improvements
When printing station and job mailing labels, you can choose to have it addressed to either the first or second contact.

Service Categories and Station Types Wizards
If you are an RSVP, FGP, or SCP, you can use these wizards to ensure that your codes are up to date and match the official lists from the CNCS.

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