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New Interface for Stations and Jobs
Following changes to volunteers, all the profile information for stations and jobs is shown on one scrolling screen in order to make it easier and more efficient to use.

Station Volunteers
You can now see all of a station's volunteers on one screen.

Hours Entry
You can add new hours from either the station or job screens without having to jump over to the Hours screen.

Easier Termination and Restarting
We have made it easier to terminate and restart stations and jobs. Each one can be done in just one step instead of several because there are separate buttons for both terminating and restarting.

Active Only Placements
You can now choose to view just active placements by just clicking a box.

You can also print a list of active only placements right from the volunteer screen via the Print button.

More Fields for Stations and Jobs/Clients
We have included 10 new check marks, 11 more codes, 7 more text, date and number fields. Each contact person has their own cell phone number and email address. As with volunteers, you can turn off fields you don't use, rename them, rearrange them, and set default values for them, all from the Field Lists screens.

Faster List Navigation
When editing a long list like skills, you can now type the first letter of the skill you want to jump to. Selected list items are indicated with an intuitive checkbox.

Performance Measurements
For our customers associated with the Corporation for National and Community Service (CNCS), we have included new features to assist in collecting, tracking, and reporting on performance.

In Preferences, we have now enable you to indicate whether you are a RSVP, FGP, or SCP.

For Jobs, we have included two new fields for jobs called Objective and Service Activity. The choices for Objective are based upon whether you have indicated that you are either a RSVP, FGP, or SCP. After you choose an objective, your choices for Service Activity are limited to just those applicable to your chosen objective. These codes are kept up to date by the Reporter. You can use the Copy/Paste buttons to quickly duplicate the objective and service activity from one job to another.

Also in Jobs is a new checkbox “Works with Veterans?”.

Primary Placements
On the Station Roster Spreadsheet, the CNCS now requires that volunteers be counted only once, no matter how many different jobs they perform. To meet this requirement, each placement can now be marked as being “primary.” The Reporter ensures that each volunteer has only one primary placement and makes it easy to set the primary placement from either the Placement, Volunteer, or Job screen either by clicking on the Make Primary button or by simply double clicking on the Primary checkbox.

On the Jobs screen, click on the Make Primary button and you have the option of making all placements at this job the primary placement at once.

Use the new Volunteer report, Primary Placements, to quickly find volunteers who don't yet have a primary placement assignment.

Several Statistical reports can now be run to include only primary placements. These reports include Station Statistics, Job Statistics, Service Activity Statistics, and Focus Area Statistics.

New Reports
We have included a number of new reports. Most of them deal with the new performance measurements.

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