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Patched Changes to Version 5.7

Version 5.7a - f
These versions came in quick succession to fix a variety of minor issues people had while installing version 5.7.
Version 5.7g
Some people were have difficulty upgrading their data. This version helped avoid those problems.
Version 5.7h
Fixed the backup procedure to correctly include files that are currently in use at the time of the backup.
Version 5.7i
Several changes to fix several minor irritations. Sometimes the first volunteer's comment would be blank when first opening. Sometimes a screen would open too big for the monitor. Sometimes a single, incorrect hours record would appear for a new volunteer. We also added new Word merge fields that were not available during editing of Word documents.
Version 5.7j
Prevents two copies of the Reporter from being opened at the same time.
Version 5.7k
Fixes an error that would sometimes happen when closing the Hours screen. Also includes the filter limitation to Include Terminated Volunteers.
Version 5.7l
Enables deleting schedules for just one volunteer at one job. Removes an odd "i" character from description reports. Adds five new filter limitation: a group of volunteers, a client instead of a job, job city, job state, and job zip.

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