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Patched Changes to Version 5.8

Version 5.8a
A few people had problems when upgrading their data to version 5.8. This version attempts to avoid those upgrading problems. Also enabled restoring from a backup even when no dataset is open.
Version 5.8b
Another change to avoid upgrading problems.
Version 5.8c
The Reporter sometimes didn't allow backups to be made to USB drives and floppies.
Version 5.8d
Fixed the Total Enrollment and Hours report, lines 5 - 11. It was incorrectly classifying people who started or stopped on the first and last days of the reporting period.
Version 5.8e
Includes the new President's Volunteer Service Award spreadsheet which is located on the menu under volunteer spreadsheets.
Version 5.8f
The Reporter was sometimes not creating a mailing name for newly added volunteers.
Version 5.8g
The Reporter was sometimes including records that should have been filtered out. For example, a filter with a code limitation like "Lake & Franklin" was including "Lake" and "Franklin" as well as "Lake & Franklin".
Version 5.8h
The Web Assistant couldn't send and receive a volunteer who had over 999 hours in one record. Now it can.
Version 5.8i
Fixes an error caused by including a photo when adding a new volunteer.
Version 5.8j
Speeds up the reindexing process.
Version 5.8k
Changes the Volunteer Statistics report to include new age groupings for RSVP's.
Version 5.8l
Changes the Volunteer Statistics report to include new age groupings for FGP's, and SCP's.

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