Export Web Assistant New Hours to Excel

In the Web Assistant screen, New Hours tab, click Print to export the New Hours.
Select By Volunteer.

Click Print to export the New Hours

Click the Print/Export button.

Click the Print/Export button

In the Direct to... line drop down the list headed by Printer. Select Microsoft Excel Format from the drop down list.

direct to Microsoft Excel Format

To set the Export Options for Excel:

Click the properties button Export Options properties button located to the right of the drop-down list.

Click the folder icon

Select the Output tab.

Uncheck the "Ignore header lines" option for an Excel report which includes headers. Leave the others checked.

Excel Export Options - Output tab

Rename your file, perhaps to "Hours Waiting for Approval [today's date].xls" with today's date appended to the name so that it will be unique. Otherwise, it will be overwritten when you produce the same report at another time.

Rename the file to include the date

Files are usually saved to My Documents, but you can choose where to save it.

Manipulate your spreadsheet any way you like

Tune up your Excel Sheet:

Although there are several steps to the export process, it becomes quick after you are used to the drill.

Revised 03/Aug/2011

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