6.0 Station Roster

10/13/2012 - Version 6.0k Patch

Includes the new version of the Station Roster spreadsheet as defined by the Corporation for National and Community Service in October of 2012. In the Reporter you can choose to run the old version or the new.

Verify that Your Service Categories are Current

As of January 2012, CNCS revised the Service Categories and newly labeled Focus Areas. In the Reporter version 6.0 what used to be called Issue Areas (which superceded the long ago Service Category Groupings) became the Focus Areas.

Note: To run this new spreasheet you need the new Service Categories and Focus Areas. Verify that Your Service Categories are Current and update them if necessary with the Service Category Utility included in v6.0.

Updated Station Roster

You can now choose stations that are in your primary focus area which will help calculate the unduplicated volunteers.

You can now populate the focus areas as best you can based upon Service Categories.

Run the Station Roster

Spreadsheets menu

As usual, fill in all your grant and contact information. This information will save.

Then select the stations in your Primary Focus Area. Click on each choice to get the double arrow to the left. These selections must be made each time the sheet is run, they do not save.

Grant information form to fill in

Click Prepare.

Information screen

This spreadsheet is included as a patch to version 6.0 in order to meet new requirements from the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Unlike most reports and spreadsheets produced by the Reporter, it requires some extra, manual work on your part afterwards. We will show you exactly what needs to be done, but it's not as simple as we would like.

In version 6.1 of the Reporter, we will produce this spreadsheet automatically with no need for extra work on your part.

Click OK to view the Station Roster.

Station Roster Spreadsheet "To Do" List

A text file called the Station Roster Spreadsheet "To Do" List will open, explaining what to do to the data in the spreadsheet.

These are tasks you need to complete manually in order to
have your Station Roster spreadsheet meet the requirements
of the Corporation for National and Community Service.

Step 1

Manually enter a Y(es) in column Q for all stations that
deal with veterans.

Veterans column

Step 2

Manually choose a Focus Area for each station starting in
column R. These cells have a drop down list to choose from.

We have entered some of these based upon each station's
job's service categories, but you need to check our choices.

If you want to choose the same focus area for a number of
stations, you can copy it from one and paste it to the others.

Select additional Focus Areas and Objectives for each station, if appropriate, from the drop-down list. Different jobs in some stations may reflect different Focus Areas. The choices become available once you click in the blank field.

Select additional Focus Areas and Objectives for each station, as appropriate.

Step 3

If a volunteer works only at a single station he or she is not on the list. If a volunteer works at two stations, a primary and also a secondary station, the Reporter counts the volunteer as an unduplicated person at the primary station if you have checked primary stations on the setup list of stations. It won't count that volunteer again.

What if a person works at multiple stations? If the volunteer works in only one of the stations you checked during setup, that person gets counted there and is not on the list. A volunteer is listed when he or she works at more than one station or more than one primary station. The Reporter puts those volunteers on the list and counts them as one on each station. Your job is to select which station is the chosen one. In this spreadsheet the volunteer should be counted only once in the total but may be counted more than once in row counts. Follow the example below to reduce the duplicated counts from the volunteer's other stations.

The Reporter gives an unduplicated total in column O, just as it always has in reports. Column N's total should equal that unduplicated number after you have manually assigned volunteers to only one station. The # of Unduplicated Volunteers and # Volunteers will be the same.

Image: Two columns, N and O:
# of Unduplicated Volunteers and # Volunteers.

The To-Do List defines which volunteers need attention.

Each of these volunteers served at more than one station. In
column N, the Number of Unduplicated Volunteers, a volunteer
can only be counted at one station. For each "extra" station,
you must reduce the count of unduplicated volunteers by one.

Here's an example:
Mary serves at three stations. We are only going to count her
as serving at Barrington Elementary School. We must manually
reduce the the count in column N for both Community Hospital
and Gordon Senior Center.

Mary Jones
   Community Hospital            (subtract 1 from column N)
   Gordon Senior Center          (subtract 1 from column N)
   Barrington Elementary School  (leave as is)

For each volunteer, decide which station is the most important.
Manually subtract 1 from the count of Unduplicated Volunteers
(column N) for each other station.

Manually adjust totals for the volunteer count at each station row by row. The total at the bottom automatically recalculates.


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