Service Categories vs. BHNs

Service Categories and Station Types are editable, but we never recommend editing them except for updating to the Corporation's changes.

The Service Categories show up in the Reporter in the Jobs section, because Service Categories are specific to individual jobs. They are defined by the Corporation, which has changed them from BHNs, which the Reporter reflects. When that change took place in v5.1, the Reporter included a conversion utility to upgrade your BHN codes to match the new official list from the CNCS. They added 29 new codes and changed the numbering of 79 others, leaving only one code unchanged.

You can check your Service Categories by using the Utility.


Start menu | All Programs | Volunteer Reporter 5 | Volunteer Reporter Utilities | Check Service Categories [or Check BHNs] | Check Service Categories [or Check BHNs] [again]

Hopefully you will receive the message: "-No Work Needed- ! Your Service Categories look good." Otherwise, the Utility will provide instructions for correcting them.

There is an option to check Station Types also with the Utility.

If you suspect your lists are not current, perhaps because they don't synch with an online grant form, it might be better to give us a call. I am not sure the Utility will pick up all edits. We can send you current lists, if you need them for comparison.

Revised 04/Aug/2011

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