Using Skills for Scheduling

The Reporter is very flexible for accommodating different organizational needs. This is one unique way to accomodate shifts that work with the Match button.

Organize your Volunteers' Schedule Availability Using Volunteers Skills

In the Volunteers section, on the Skills tab, you can put any "skills" you want, including schedule availability. The Reporter comes with many suggested skills, but you can delete those and/or add new ones.

Jobs Skills Requested

Here we tell the Volunteer Reporter which skills a job needs. You will have already defined those skills according to the schedules you need filled by volunteers.

In the Jobs section on the Codes tab, you select skills in up to three fields which list your custom skills/schedules. The same list in each field allows you to indicate three schedule times for each job.

Match Button

Then the Reporter uses this skills bank information to help you try to match qualified volunteers with jobs requesting specific skills or schedules.

Revised 05/Aug/2011

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