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Station Types
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Station Type
Adult Correctional Agencies
Adult Day Care
All Other Station Types Not Listed
Animal Care Programs
Before and After School Care
Chambers of Commerce
Commun. Develop. Programs of Non-Profits
Community-Based Environmental Groups
Congregate Meals/Meals on Wheels
Day Care (Pre-Elementary) Programs
Food Banks/Gleaning Programs
Head Start
Home Health Care Agencies
Hospitals/Medical Centers/Clinics
Juvenile Correctional Agencies
Multi-Purpose Centers (Senior Centers)
Native American Schools
Non-Head Start Educational Pre-Schools
Non-Resid. Develop. Disab./Rehab Centers
Non-Residential Mental Health Programs
Nursing Home/Convalescent Center/Hospice
Other Community Economic Development
Other Educational
Other Health Care
Other Social Service/Human Needs
Parks/Recreation Agencies
Police/Law Enforcement Agencies
Post-Secondary Institutions
Public Housing
Public/Private Schools (Elementary)
Public/Private Schools (Secondary)
Resid. Long-Term Care Program (MH/MR/DD)
Thrift Shops/Coops/Craft Shops
Transitional Shelters/Centers
Umbrella Environmental Organizations
Total Count: 39

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