Station Roster FAQs

Station Roster Date

FLASH! October 2012 - Version 6.0k patch for the new version of the Station Roster.

The Station Roster spreadsheet pulls the stations from an active As-Of date, including all prior to that date which are still active. Any stations entered after that date will not show on the report. Any stations terminated as of that date will not show up.

Checking the checkboxes to include the additional dates does not affect the as-of date.

In summary, the Station Roster is based only on whether a station is active (not terminated) as of the date entered.

Sending the Station Roster

With the spreadsheet open in Excel, click on File | Send | E-mail to send a copy of the report in an email. The default email client opens with the Station Roster already attached. At that point you can address and complete the email.

If you use Gmail or another Web based email program, however, You need to open that email program manually. Then you can attach the Station Roster to your email the old fashioned way: In a new email, find the attach button and browse to the folder and file on your computer. If the default folder is your My Documents folder you can click the shortcut to your My Documents folder (or Documents folder, depending upon your version of Windows) and then select the Excel file in the list.

Finding Where the Station Roster is Saved

You can see the path to the folder where the Reporter saves the spreadsheet here:

In the Reporter | File menu | Preferences | Screen tab | Folder for merge files and report files.
Typically that is your My Documents folder, but it can be wherever specified in Preferences.


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