Station Roster New in v6.1

The Station Roster in version 6.1 fulfills the CNCS 2012 format which categorizes stations by Focus Areas and Objectives. Every unique Focus Area and Objective combination per-station populates one cell on the spreadsheet.

Open the Station Roster from the Spreadsheets menu:
Station Spreadsheets | Station Roster | Version 2 (October 2012).

Station Roster spreadsheet menu

The Focus Areas and Objectives are detailed for each station.

Focus Areas and Objectives columns on the Station Roster

Unduplicated Volunteers

The Station Roster tallies unduplicated volunteers based on their primary placements, irrespective of whether they have served hours or not.

Unduplicated volunteers

Here are a couple of situations to keep in mind.

List of Volunteers Without a Primary Placement

The Reporter pops open a text list of volunteers who do not have a primary placement if some have yet to be assigned. This list can work hand in hand with the Volunteer Primary Placements report to prepare for CNCS compliance.


The text file notifies that:

These volunteers do not have an active, primary placment.
In order to get accurate counts of unduplicated volunteers,
you need to mark one active placement for each of these
volunteers as being primary.

The StationRosterToDoList.txt file is saved to your Documents folder as defined in Preferences.


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