Touch-Screen Assistant Data Path

The Touch-Screen Assistant version 5.7 (only, not the Volunteer Reporter) is installed on the sign-in kiosk and networked to the same data the Volunteer Reporter workstations use.

To determine the path to the data for the Touch-Screen Assistant, open the Volunteer Reporter on a workstation and click the help Menu | About the Volunteer Reporter | Data Folder.

When installing the Touch-Screen Assistant, set the data path for the Touch-Screen Assistant to the same data that the Reporter workstations access.

To change the data path for the Touch-Screen Assistant if it's already installed

  1. Make sure the TSA user has full read and write permissions on the data folder on the server.
  2. Find the TSA Program folder from the desktop icon—usually the executable path reads
  3. Using the above example, open C:\Reporter\Program\touchassist.ini.
  4. The path can be an absolute or mapped drive path.

In the touchassist.ini, edit the data path on the second line of the .ini specific to your data location, for example:


Save and close the touchassist.ini.

Verify that you are connected to the right data


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