Touch-Screen Assistant Installation

Before Installing

Computer Settings on the Kiosk (Touch-Screen Assistant) Computer

Installing the Touch-Screen Assistant

Starting for the First Time

When the Touch-Screen Assistant on the kiosk starts up you will receive a notice of the version. It should say, "This is version 5.7d of the Touch-Screen Assistant." If you do not receive this notice there is something wrong with your setup, most likely the lack of full access to the Program folder.

If this was a first time installation, you will first receive a notice to Set the Reporter's Data Folder. Either type the path or browse to the folder. OK.


The Touch-Screen Assistant resides on the dedicated kiosk computer but its volunteer administration takes place within the Volunteer Reporter on an administrator's workstation.

Close the Touch-Screen Assistant program by entering the Quit PIN on the key pad.

More details about the Touch-Screen Assistant settings are available in Tutorials.

Installation of Both Software Modules on Same Computer for Testing

The installation path and settings are different for TESTING the Touch-Screen Assistant and the Volunteer Reporter if they are on the same computer. Refer to: Test installation.


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