Touch-Screen Assistant Patch Files

Normally, the Touch-Screen Assistant software on the kiosk accesses the patch files that automatically download from the Volunteer Reporter via Live Update. The patch files reside in the Patches folder, inside the data folder, on the server to execute for all programs which use that database.

In a few instances in Reporter v.6.0, for reasons we cannot know because each network setup is different, the TSA program cannot make use of the patch files as designed. For those unique network restrictions, we have compiled a separate file to copy into the TSA's program folder.

  1. Install the Touch-Screen Assistant software as usual.
  2. Download and save the Touch-screen Assistant replacement file.
  3. Go into the TSA's program folder, probably C:\Reporter\Program, and copy TouchAssist.exe into it, replacing the existing file.
  4. Repeat on all kiosks if necessary.

Touch-Assist.exe with patches download


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