Touch-Screen Assistant

The Touch-Screen Assistant is an add-on module for the Volunteer Reporter which enables your volunteers to sign themselves in and out using a touch-screen monitor.


The Touch-Screen Assistant is similar to a time clock. Once volunteers have signed out, their hours are automatically posted to the Volunteer Reporter without any further data entry. This can save your staff a lot of time entering hours into the Reporter at the end of every month.

The Touch-Screen Assistant consists of two parts—the Assistant and the Administrator, which is inside the Volunteer Reporter. The Assistant is what your volunteers see on the touch screen monitor. It enables your volunteers to enter their PIN and sign themselves in and out. The Administrator runs on another computer on your network and enables you to watch and manage the activities of your volunteers as they sign themselves in and out.

Since the Assistant and Administrator interact with each and with the Volunteer Reporter, all three programs must be installed on the same computer network so that the data can be shared by all.


Price: $500

For a screenshot of the touchpad and more information, go to


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