Web Assistant Typical Page and Frames Setup

How the Web Assistant Works on a Website

Every time someone completes a transaction in the Web Assistant and clicks an OK, Cancel, Home link/button, etc. the person is returned to the same URL that is entered in the "Home Page" field within the Web Assistant settings in the Reporter. This works straightforward on most websites.

Typical Setup

The webmaster has only two tasks—the rest of the setup Volsoft goes through over the phone with the user in the Volunteer Reporter or does behind the scenes on our server.

  1. Typical page setupThe webmaster makes a page header graphic that is saved to the local computer on which the Web Assistant settings and upload are initially performed (via the field labeled Bitmap Graphic).
  2. The webmaster installs the linked buttons or plain text links, that we send in an email, into the page where volunteers go on your website. You are welcome to use the sample buttons on our website or create your own.

Header Graphic

The header graphic [.jpg or .gif] ought to replicate the header on your website, minus any links. That familiar look helps users feel connected to the original website while they are on our server. Since the Web Assistant will automatically reduce larger headers to 750 pixels wide, we recommend you use that as your maximum width. The header must be saved to the local computer on which the Web Assistant settings and upload are initially performed. sample header

Problems with Frames

Problem within frames setupWe do not recommend using the Web Assistant within a frame. With frames you cannot place the links, as most people typically do, on the page where people go to look at volunteering. That internal placement would result in a "hall of mirrors" wherein each time a person clicked a completion button while on our server, that user would be returned to a replica page of the page inside the frame.

Fame Setup which Opens in a New Window

Web Assistant page displaying the customer's headerWhat does work on a site that must use frames is to make the button/links open in a new window or tab (inside the URL include something like: target="window" or "blank"). That way the header that you upload appears at the top of the new page while a person is doing a transaction on our server. Upon completion, the user returns to the Volunteer page in the new window. Inherent within this frames setup, when a user clicks another link an additional window opens.

Frames Setup Within a Frame - Requires a Blank Header

The only way the Web Assistant works inside frames is to:

  1. Web Assistant page displaying inside a frame without a headerBe sure to put the buttons/links on the main frame page (usually the left panel) on the site's Home page.
  2. In addition, you must make a blank header graphic, just a small, white .jpg or transparent .gif file. The Web Assistant will insist on keeping our sample header if you don't upload a header, so the skinny blank header graphic circumvents that parameter.


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