Managing Hours Downloads in the Web Assistant

  1. Do a Send-and Receive routinely.
  2. Approve hours.
  3. Do a Send-and Receive including volunteers to upload approved hours.

All communication between the online hours entered into the Web Assistant and the Volunteer Reporter database is accomplished with the Send-and-Receive procedure. To simply download hours you will fast forward to the final Send & Receive screen.

I. Daily, or Weekly Download Hours Procedure

You will download the hours on a routine basis by the streamlined Send-and-Receive in the Web Assistant.

II. Approve Hours, Applications and Placements

Any time you receive data from the Web Assistant server, it will be shown on the various tabs—New Hours, Applicants, and Placements. When you approve any of this data it is immediately entered into your Reporter data without any further data entry. For hours, only those above the limits you chose on the Settings screen wait for your approval. Hours under the limits are automatically entered into your Reporter data.

III. Upload Approved Hours to the Web

After you have approved hours so that they become part of the volunteers' records, you should do another Send-and-Receive so that volunteers can see a full list of their past hours when they are online.


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