Web Assistant Letter/Tutorial for Station Supervisors

Log in on our site at ________ by clicking the link to Enter Hours. Your username is your organization's names run together without a space. It doesn't matter if you use capital letters or not.

The first time you login, use the temporary password _______. You must pick a new password. After you logout and log back in with your new password you can enter your volunteers' hours. Just pick the name and job off the list if the volunteer has more than one placement.

Below is a sample site to show how easy it is for station supervisors to enter their volunteer Hours online.

Go to Your Volunteer Organization's Site

Open your Web browser [Internet Explorer is one example of a browser] and enter in the website address of the organization where you volunteer or click the link in the email your volunteer coordinator sent, and your browser will open to the site automatically.

Login to Enter Hours

Click the button or link to Enter Hours.

Click the button to enter your volunteers' hours

enter username and password

You must pick and enter a new password. You may also change your username or leave your username blank to keep it as is.

Keep the same username and enter a new password

After confirming your new password, click Home to proceed to submit hours.

New password confirmation

Click the button to enter your hours

Enter your username and new password

Enter your hours and reimbursement report, if appropriate.

Confirmation of hours saved.

Confirmation of hours saved.

*Problems? Troubleshooting Tips

A few unusual circumstances could prevent you from being able to log in or enter hours:

  1. Cannot Log In: You will not be able to login or send a message until your volunteer center has assigned and uploaded your user name.
  2. No Job Placement: You will not be able to see and enter hours for each volunteer until your volunteers have a placement and the volunteer center uploads that information.
  3. Cookies: You must have cookies enabled in your browser [i.e., Internet Explorer or Firefox].

If you have any problems, contact your volunteer coordinator.


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