Add a Focus Area and Service Category

Since this list was finalized in late August 2012, there is one Focus Area missing (Veterans & Military Families) that you can add manually. Here is a tutorial on how to help you make the manual changes to this list.

If you haven't already, in Volunteer Reporter v6.0 run the utility in the File menu called Check Service Categories. This utility will add the current list of Service Categories and Focus Areas to the Reporter.

Of course we're here to help. Call us if you need assistance.

Click on Reference Codes | Job/Client Codes | Focus Areas.

Click on Add.

Type in Veterans & Military Famil - Note: there are not enough spaces for Families.

Click OK.

Go back to Reference Codes | Job/Client Codes | Service Categories.

Click on Add.

Type in Veterans. Choose from the list of Focus Areas - Veterans & Military Famil. .

Click Ok.


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