Change Printer Driver to Test Driver (Windows 8)

Sometimes to test previewing a report in the Volunteer Reporter you will manually add a printer driver to the Devices and Printers control panel, even though that printer is not attached to the computer. Here are the steps to do that in the Windows 8 operating system.

If you're lucky you can get to the Control Panel | Devices and Printers from your start menu. Otherwise, try this:

On the Devices and Printer screen, click: Add a printer button.

Devices and Printers control panel --Add a printer button

Windows will report: Searching for available printers...
Click: The printer that I want isn't listed. Next.

Searching for available printers

Put the dot next to: Add a local printer or network printer with manual settings. Next.

Add a local printer...

Put the dot next to: Use an existing port: LPT1. Next.

Use an existing port- LPT1

Install the printer driver. Under Manufacturer click on HP, for example. (However, since sometimes it's better to choose a much older printer — and since no older ones are listed — if the HP doesn't work you can come back and try a Microsoft printer instead.)

Install the printer driver. Manufacturer - HP

Under Printers click on: HP Color LaserJet 1600 Class Driver, in this example. Next.

Choose a Printer from the list

No need to type a different printer name. Next.

Click next without typing a different name

Be sure the dot is next to: Do not share this printer. Next.

Printer Sharing - Do not share

You will see that the new printer driver is set as the default printer. (Do not try to Print a test page.) Finish.


Now you have a dummy printer installed which ought to let you preview, but not print, a report in the Volunteer Reporter.

After you are finished testing, be sure to go back to the printer control panel and set the default printer back to the actual printer.


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