Awards Reporting

One method to view volunteers' incremental hours or years alongside a list of awards already received is to compare the Volunteer Awards report with the Years of Service report, sorting by Lifetime Hours [or Years of Service].

Years of Service Report

Reports | Volunteer Reports | Years of Service | Sort Order: Lifetime Hours

Choose the sort order

Years of Service report

Volunteer Awards/Avail Tab

You can keep track of awards volunteers have received on the Awards/Avail tab. Every volunteer can have as many awards as needed. You can name your awards with the year received, if you want to track when they received them. Click Edit in a volunteer's record on the Award/Avail tab and then select an award off the Available Awards list on the left. Click Add One to record that award for this volunteer. The awards list is fully customizable.

Awards tab records awards previously received

Record awards given to a volunteer

Volunteer Awards Report

Reports | Volunteer Reports | Volunteer Awards

Volunteer Awards Report

Revised 02/Aug/2011

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