Birthday Labels

The Mailing Labels report is ideal for organizing birthdays. It lets you choose the birthday month and display the month and day with each address to stagger your mailing throughout the month. You can print the results on plain paper for reference if you like to hand label your cards, or use labels.

The steps are numbered in the two screen shots below.

Open Mailing Labels from the menu.

  1. Open: Reports | Volunteer Reports | Labels | Mailing labels.
  2. Check: These labels are for birthday cards.
  3. Enter the same month in both Birthday Month fields.
  4. Check: Include birth month & day on label [if you like to send them out once a week, for example].
  5. Choose the Name format, do not use Mailing Name if you use Mr. and Mrs. names as the Mailing Name in the volunteer records of couples.
  6. Don't use a filter [leave at All Records].
  7. Leave the order on Birthday Month if you checked #4. This arranges the labels in progressive order by day throughout the month.
  8. Choose your label size.
  9. Formatting: Leave it on Personalized to get upper and lower case, or use Postal Regulations to print all caps.
  10. Leave unchecked: Only those marked as needing a mailing label.
  11. Preview.

Steps for Mailing Labels for birthdays.

Setting the Start Position

When you click Print/Export you see the Start position at the bottom, in case you want to start with a partially used sheet of labels. Click on the first available label on your sheet.

Print/Export button

Set the start position to begin printing on a partial label sheet

Steps to set the start position:

Exporting Labels

You can export labels like any other report. If you are sending them to someone else to actually print the labels, a PDF is the most likely to produce the same layout on another computer.

Set the export to Adobe PDF Format

Select Start. You will be prompted to save the file before it opens.

Revised 03/Aug/2011

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