Birthday List without Year

Some organizations like to print volunteers' birthdays by month without the birth year. You can produce a report with that list by making a Do-It-Yourself Volunteers spreadsheet.

Do-It-Yourself Volunteers Spreadsheet

  1. Spreadsheets | Volunteer Spreadsheets | Do-It-Yourself.
  2. Click Add Spreadsheet and name it, e.g., Birthday List. Save the name.
  3. Choose each desired field in the middle column - Available Columns - and click Add to include it in Selected Columns. For example, Firstname, Last name, Birth Date Day, Birth Date Day.
  4. When you click Prepare SS you have the option to use a filter on the volunteers' birth month.

Volunteers So-It-Yourself Spreadsheet menu

Click Add Spreadsheet and name it, e.g., Birthdays. Add Spreadsheet Save the name.

Name the spreadsheet

Select the fields to include

To run the spreadsheet click Prepare SS Prepare SS button.

Then click the Prepare button. You could filter on a specific birth month, if desired.

Prepare button.

In Excel you can sort this list any way you want. By default it's alphabetical but you might like to sort it on Months.

The birthday list spreadsheet showing names, birth days, and birth months


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