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Sometimes volunteers serve with a particular person instead of at a job. We have modified Jobs in order to accommodate volunteers serving with individual clients. You can track a client's name, address, birthday, age, sex and several other items specific to Foster Grandparent and Senior Companion programs. Hospices and other organizations also use clients as Jobs in the Reporter.

To Add a Client

These screens are from Reporter v6.0 and earlier. In v6.1 the dates and codes tabs in Stations and Jobs/Clients sections became consolidated on the Stations Profile and Jobs/Clients Profile. The procedure below is similar, nonetheless, but looks a bit different in v6.1. The Stations and Jobs/Clients Profile screens function similar to the Volunteer Profile.

In Stations choose the station to which the recipient of services will be attached.

Click the Jobs button

Click the Jobs button within the station

Click Add. Click NO, "Do you want to copy details from this station?" The clients address and contacts are often different than the station's.

Click NO

Check "This is an individual client" (as of v.5.7). At that point the Job Name field disappears and you can enter the client's name.
Check 'This is an individual client.'

Attend to the starting date on the Info tab. The client's starting date has to be the same or earlier than hours that will be entered from a volunteer who works with that client. The Reporter's suggestion of today's date may not be appropriate in each case.

Set the Starting Date and stipend.

Check if this is a stipened job and verify the stipend amount. This amount fills from the setting in Preferences, but can be edited per client/job.

The Client tab provides more client particulars as well as some data pertinent to Senior Corp programs.

Enter stats on the Client tab.

Click OK to save the new client and close.

Add a Placement to Assign a Volunteer to a Client