Customizing Reports in Version 5.7

You can customize the dozens of reports in the Volunteer Reporter in several ways.


Filtering on blank field

By using Filters you can narrow any report, somewhat like a query. Version 5.7 added for every filter limitation the ability to select whether the item is blank or not blank as well as the typical specific value or range of values. For example, you can create a filter of just volunteers who don't have an email address.

A filter can be used indefinitely on any report.

Select Fields to Include

Select fields to include on a Description reportSome reports include items you can select or deselect. An extreme version of that feature is the Volunteer [or Station or Job] Description Report, for which you choose all the fields to include. Those description reports are designed to produce one page per record, for printing and inserting in files, or for quick review.

[Image: select which fields to include for the Volunteer Description Report.]

Export Reports

All reports are exportable to various formats. The Print/Export button enables you to print specific pages or the entire report, export the report as another file type, and email the report. The export file types are HTML, Adobe PDF, Bitmap, JPEG, Multi-TIFF, TIFF, Rich Text Format (RTF), Text (comma delimited file), or Excel.


The Reporter's spreadsheets [either produced from the Spreadsheet menu or exported from Reports] are customizable in Excel to accommodate many different ways to format data. The spreadsheets produce all data available in the database. In Excel you can:

Revised 03/Aug/2011

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