Do-It-Yourself Volunteer Spreadsheets

You can create a Do-It-Yourself Spreadsheets for Volunteers, Jobs and Stations. Create an unlimited number of custom, reusable spreadsheets that include just the columns you want.

This example does a Volunteer Do-It-Yourself Spreadsheet to get a birthday list for a newsletter.

Spreadsheets | Volunteer Spreadsheets | Do-It-Yourself

Click Add Spreadsheet and name it. Save the name.

Choose each field in the middle column - Available Columns - one by one and click Add to include it in Selected Columns. You can rearrange the column order with the Move Up / Move Down buttons.

When you have all the Selected Columns click Prepare SS.

At this point you can use a filter if desired to turn a generic spreadsheet that reports all records into one specific to individual volunteers or other limitation.

Each DIY spreadsheet can be used and edited indefinitely.

Revised 03/Aug/2011

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