Email Messages Report Using Webmail

The Email Messages report in the Reporter opens your default email program after you click Prepare and OK. Webmail is used through a browser like Internet Explorer, etc., and comes in many varieties, e.g., AOL, Gmail, Hotmail, and MSN. If you use only a Web based email

If you do not see the BCC field, look at the settings for your Web email program. For example, in AOL click on Settings | Compose | Always show Bcc field.

If you have no default mail program like Outlook, etc., installed on your computer, because the Reporter and Windows cannot open one when creating the Email Messages report, Windows may give you an error message that says it cannot open Outlook. You can simply dismiss that message and proceed to your Web based email. The addresses remain available on the clipboard nonetheless.

In the case of Gmail, there is a way to set Gmail as your default email program so that it will open whenever you click an email link or run the Email Messages report in the Reporter. Gmail offers instruction to Make Gmail your default mail application on their site.

We have not found an easy way to set your mailto protocol for other webmail programs so that it defaults to yours. If you get any answers from your webmail provider, please share them with us. For now we suggest closing the Windows message and proceeding to send the message in your webmail as described above.


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