Font and Highlight Colors

Font Color and Background for Windows Themes & Color Settings

Besides the examples below, Windows offers various themes and styles which vary the appearance of text and backgrounds. The only generic advice is to look at the settings on the computer and experiment with different settings. Click APPLY after changing a setting and go look at how it plays out in the Reporter. If you click OK, the settings screen will close.

The Selected Items and Tool Tip settings seem most applicable to the Reporter. It affects the lists of names, for instance in Volunteers on the left.

Windows XP

Right-click Desktop | Properties | Settings tab | Appearance | Advanced

Windows Vista

Control Panel | Appearance and Personalization | change Color Scheme | Appearance settings window | Advanced

Windows 7

Right-click Desktop | Personalize | Window Color | Advanced Appearance Settings | Windows Color

This color scheme for selected items will yield good visibility. Selected Items has a blue background and the font is white, the opposite of the unselected black font to contrast with the blue.

How NOT to set colors: When Selected Items has a white background and the font is white the text disappears when an item is selected.

Here is an example of Selected Items with white background and white font which clearly does not work.

This combination works.

For the above colors the Item: ToolTip Color 1: is set to a pale yellow background and the Font:| Color: is set to black.

Click Color 1 to see the color choices. Click that panel's Other button for more choices.

You can make a custom color to get a paler color that is easier on the eyes.

Similarly, the Item: Selected Items Color 1: is set to a light grey background and the Font:| Color: is set to black.


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