Import Assistant for Excel Data

This sheet provides more detailed instructions expanding on our main Import Assistant page.. Feel free to call if you have questions.

Volunteer Fields

It does not matter what your field names are because you will map from your available fields to the Reporter's equivalent fields. The importer will automatically assign a record number to each record if none exists. Otherwise it will import your existing numbers. Only the following Reporter fields are mapable.

The volunteer fields that you can import are: Volunteer Number, Salutation, First Name, Middle Name, Last Name, First Street Address, Second Street Address, City, State, Zip, Home Phone, Work Phone, Cell Phone, Email, Comments and Notes, Starting Date, Termination Date, Birth Date, Sex, Person with Disability (Y/N), Driver's License, Driver's License Expiration, Social Security Number, Lifetime Hours, Emergency Contact (Relationship, Name, Street Address, City St Zip, First Phone, Second Phone), and Beneficiary (Relationship, Name, Street Address, City St Zip, First Phone, Second Phone).

Station Fields

The station fields that you can import are: Station Number, Station Name, Salutation, First Name of Station Supervisor, Middle Name, Last Name, First Street Address, Second Street Address, City, State, Zip, Phone, Fax, Cell Phone, Email, Web Address, Comments and Notes, Starting Date, Termination Date, and "Is this a health care facility?"

Download the Import Assistant

Download the Import Assistant (Import.exe) into the Reporter's program folder which is probably C:\Program Files\Reporter\Program. After downloading, run Import.exe and follow the instructions. When you run the utility, one cycle imports the Volunteer data and another imports the Stations data. You can run Volunteers in one session and Stations in a separate session, if you wish. But you cannot merge individual data or multiple tables as the importation overwrites the database.

Warning! Warning! Import.exe MUST be saved to the Reporter's Program folder. To locate the Reporter's Program folder, in the Volunteer Reporter click on the Help menu | About the Volunteer Reporter.
Note the path to the Program Folder.

Open 'About the Volunteer Reporter' from the Help menu.

Write down the path to the Program Folder.


The Import Assistant runs in two cycles, one for importing Volunteers and another for Stations. You can run these in sequence or at separate times. Existing data is overwritten for each specific section.

These instructions use an Excel spreadsheet as the data source.

Steps to Import from Excel

Source File Format and Import Data To

First Import the Volunteer Data


Import Stations Data

Cleanup of Volunteer Software Data

SITENO Key field not unique

When there are duplicate numbers, the Import Assistant will assign that number to the first duplicate record and the same number to the second duplicate record, and then assign that same number to all those with no numbers as well. So you will have to go back to your original database to find out which have odd numbering. Then go into the Reporter and edit each of those volunteer numbers right away so that each volunteer has a unique number. Then follow the directions below to set the next appropriate number to begin reassigning consecutive numbers in the Reporter.

Error Log

When you are finished editing those numbers, note the last number you assigned. In the Reporter, open File menu | Preferences | General Tab. In the Volunteers number field bottom right, enter one number higher than the last number you used. Click OK to save the Preferences setting.

From then on, the Reporter will automatically give a new sequential number to each new volunteer you enter.

Sometimes the source database has unpredictable issues. We usually suggest getting an IT person in on the conversion process. Let us know if this works, and if not we can walk you through it over the phone.


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