Import Assistant Instructions

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The Import Assistant runs in two steps, one for Volunteers and one for Stations. You need a single or two flat files, or tables if you are using Access. An Excel spreadsheet is ideal.

Download the Import Assistant (Import.exe) into the Reporter's program folder which is probably C:\Program Files\Reporter\Program. After downloading, run Import.exe and follow the instructions. When you run the utility, one cycle imports the Volunteer data and another imports the Stations data. You can run Volunteers in one session and Stations in a separate session, if you wish. But you cannot merge individual data or multiple tables as the importation overwrites the database.

Warning! Warning! Import.exe MUST be saved to the Reporter's Program folder. To locate the Reporter's Program folder, in the Volunteer Reporter click on the Help menu | About the Volunteer Reporter.
Note the path to the Program Folder.

Open 'About the Volunteer Reporter' from the Help menu.

Write down the path to the Program Folder.

Steps to Use the Import Assistant

Close the Volunteer Reporter before running the Import Assistant. When you click importe.exe it warns if the Reporter is running.

When importing the stations data, if the dialog box title bar says, "Volunteer Table Required Fields," you neglected to select STATIONS when first using a stations source. The message on the top reads:

Field Mapping -- Access Table:
C:\Old Data\Stations.mdb to Volunteers -- map fields for import.

Source fields are station fields
Target Fields are Volunteer fields.

Reporter's phone field includes all 7 digits
WAreaCode + WPhone = Work Phone
PAreaCode + Phone = Home Phone

Spouse >? Emergency Contact Relation
VR Salutation =

To import volunteers indicate what starting date to use for any blanks and how the volunteer's name is stored.

Default Starting Date

Name Field Information
How is the name field stored in your data? [Look at your spreadsheet]
* Separate Fields (First and Last)
* Combined in One Field

Guessed Combined in One ...

Steps to Import from Excel

First Import Volunteer Data

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