Install Volunteer Reporter 6.0

Check whether this computer is 64 bit, if so install appropriately.

Login as an administrator. Run setup.exe from the CD.

On the Publisher Cannot be Verified should only run software from publishers you trust. Trust us.
Click Run.

Click Next after following the instructions of the welcome screen.

Click Next after you read and understand the types of installation.

The Reporter knows to reinstall over the original location, so do not change it unless you have a good reason.
Click Next.

Select Program Only -- for Workstation Installation, Upgrade, or Reinstallation. You can select Program Only if this workstation will connect to Reporter data on a network. Or select Full if this is the first time the Reporter has been installed on this computer and you want a new, empty data set installed locally.

Leave the Start Menu path to the default.

This screen provides a review of your setup options.

Installation goes quickly.

Click Finish.

If this installation is an upgrade you will upgrade the data after opening the Reporter.


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