Job Letters Reporter 5.7

In version 5.7 there is a change to the Word letters prepared for jobs. Since a job can now also be a client, a few merge field names have changed. It used to be that the fields First and Last referred to the job supervisor, but now they refer to the client, if one exists. If it is a job and not a client, those fields will be empty. Here are the new merge fields to use.

FIRSTLAST - Client's first and last names
LASTFIRST - Client's last and first names.
FIRST - Client's first name.
LAST - Client's last name.
FIRSTLAST1 - Contact 1's first and last names
LASTFIRST1 - Contact 1's last and first names.
SALUTE1 - Contact 1's salutation.
FIRST1 - Contact 1's first name.
LAST1 - Contact 1's last name.
TITLE1 - Contact 1's title.
FIRSTLAST2 - Contact 2's first and last names
LASTFIRST2 - Contact 2's last and first names.
SALUTE2 - Contact 2's salutation.
FIRST2 - Contact 2's first name.
LAST2 - Contact 2's last name.
TITLE2 - Contact 2's title.

We mistakenly left this information out of the manual.

Revised 03/Aug/2011

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