Language Driver

In the rare case that you will check the Language Driver, find it on the BDE Administrator Control Panel.

Double-click Program Files

Click INIT to display the LANGDRIVER in the right pane.

Double-click Program Files

Confirm the language driver. If it is different than the one depicted here, change LANGDRIVER to 'WEurope' ANSI.

Also from the Control panel in the Country or Region settings on the Location tab confirm that the current location is United States.

Finding the BDE Admin via My Computer

Some computers may not show the BDE Administrator in Windows Control Panel. You can find it in installed programs.

The path to the BDE Administratior is
C:\Program File\Common Files\Borland\BDE\bdeadmin.exe
Following that path is illustrated below.

Double-click the Program Files folder:

Double-click Program Files

Double-click the Common Files folder:

Double-click Common Files

Double-click the Borland file folder:

Double-click Borland folder

Double-click the BDE file folder:

Double-click BDE folder

Double-click the bdeadmin.exe file to open the BDE Administrator control panel:

Double-click BDE executable


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