Merge Stations

To consolodate two stations into one you can send all the jobs in one station to another station. With that maneuver will go all the volunteers and hours. You merely switch the station name in each job. There's a tutorial Job - Migrate to Different Station on our website for that procedure. The end result will look as if all those jobs were always at that target station.

You may end up with duplicate jobs. There is no automatic way to merge jobs, so if you want to consolidate jobs you will have to terminate placements at one job (that has the fewer placements) and then give a new placement to each of those volunteers at the target job. You can always edit the job name(s) for clarity. After volunteers are reassigned to the single job, you can terminate or delete the empty job.

Before you start, print a list of the volunteers and jobs at the station which will be eliminated:

After all the jobs are migrated to the target station, the empty station can be terminated or deleted. You might want to document the change in its comments field for future reference and just terminate the station. If you choose to delete the station, it will disappear and look as if it never existed.


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