Networking the Reporter

Here are the basics of networking the Reporter.

Network Requirements

  1. Install the Reporter on every workstation computer.
  2. Put the data on one computer that is shared by all the rest.
  3. The data computer can also have the Reporter installed on it or not.
  4. Every user needs full read/write access to both the local folder where the Reporter is installed and the shared data folder.
  5. Check whether this computer is 64 bit, if so install appropriately.

networking diagram

Install the Reporter on every workstation computer and the data on one shared computer.

Network Data Setup

  1. Start the Reporter.
  2. The Data Sets window will open automatically. If it doesn't, click on File | Select Data Set.
  3. Click on the Add button and name the new data set or leave it named "Default".
    name the data set
  1. Enter the data folder location.
  2. Leave the shared documents folder as a subfolder of the data folder.
    Set the path to the data
  3. Save your new data set with the OK button and then click Select.

  4. Click Select to close the data sets window.

Revised 04/Aug/2011

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