Tracking Volunteers Assigned to Clients/Jobs DIY

Number Requested and Number Filled

Make use of the Number Requested and Number Filled data on the Info tab in the Job/Clients section. You provide the number requested and the Reporter automatically supplies the number filled based on active placements of volunteers to that Job/Client.

Job Activity Status Report

To get a quick list of Jobs/Clients with their starting date, number requested, number filled and the volunteers assigned to those job placements, run the Job Activity Status report.

Reports | Job/Client Reports | Job Activity Status

You can use a filter on this report to narrow the report to specific jobs, starting dates, whatever focus you have at the moment.

Jobs/Clients Do-It-Yourself Spreadsheet

New in Reporter 5.9 is the Jobs/Clients Do-It-Yourself Spreadsheet. Create an unlimited number of custom, reusable spreadsheets that include just the columns you want.

Here you can specify among the listed fields what to include.

Click Add Spreadsheet and name it. Save the name.

Choose each field in the middle column - Available Columns - one by one and click Add to include it in Selected Columns. You can rearrange the column order with the Move Up / Move Down buttons.

When you have all the Selected Columns click Prepare SS.

At this point you can use a filter if desired to turn a generic spreadsheet that reports all records into one specific to individual clients or whaterver other limitation.

Click Prepare.

As usual in Excel, you can manipulate the spreadsheet by sorting or whatever your needs. Each DIY spreadsheet can be used and edited indefinitely.

Revised 03/Aug/2011

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