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Renew Your Support/Upgrade Package

You can renew your yearly tech support and Web Assistant subscriptions on-line using a credit card. Start with the Renew button on our website's home page.

Renew button on home page

At the bottom of the next page another Renew button requires you to enter your Customer ID, number of offices with Reporter support renewals and number of Web Assistant accounts into the form fields.

Renew button on Products page

On your renewal order form, your customer ID is printed right above your name and starts with "57."

Get your Customer ID number from your renewal reminder coupon.

On the Shopping Cart click Checkout.

Renew button on home page

First Time Paying Online? Create a New Account!

At this point in the process, if this is your first time paying us online, you have to create a new account because you are not in the online system yet, even though you have a Volunteer Software account. So for this first time online payment purpose you are a "New Customer." Enter your email address and click the Continue button.

New Customers create a new account

Alternatively, if you already have an account, proceed to the next page where you should verify your information. A "New Customer" will see this screen to complete.

Enter your account contact information.

Enter and confirm a password.

Enter and confirm a password

When you click the Continue button the page seamlessly returns you to your shopping cart. Then you can pay with your credit card as you expect. And enter a Purchase Order number if desired.

Renew button on home page

Enter your credit card information—you may have to edit the name, etc., already filled in to match the billing for the card.

Enter your credit card information

After you complete the purchase you will receive an email confirmation.

Purchase Software Online

You can purchase the Reporter from the Free Trial button on our website's home page.

Download a free trial from the button on our home page.

Launch the Reporter trial to link to the browser online ordering page.

Activate the permanent Reporter license from within the Reporter with the license you received after payment.

Click the button to activate the Volunteer Reporter online.


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