Performance Settings

Performance Adjustments

On the Preferences screen, we included in version 5.4 a Performance tab where you can adjust settings that can speed up the Reporter. It reads the amount of RAM in your computer.

File | Preferences | Performance tab | select the setting. | OK | restart the Reporter

The Explanation as Written on the Performance Tab

The BDE [Borland Database Engine] is an important part of the Volunteer Reporter. It works continuously in the background to access and manage your data.

The BDE is automatically optimized to run as fast as possible based upon the amount of memory [RAM] in this computer, but you can manually adjust it. Feel free to experiment and try another setting in order to try to improve performance.

Performance can either increase or decrease with a different setting so a little trial and error will be necessary to determine the best setting for this computer. The Reporter [but not the computer] needs to be restarted before these changes take affect.

Manual Text Adjustment in the .ini File

Although the Reporter automatically changes the performance setting when the quantity of RAM is changed and a different threshold is reached, there is a way you can set it without opening the Reporter. Edit the reporter.ini text file.



Set the number from 1-4 based on the settings that appear in the Performance preferences in the Reporter:

OPowerful[over 1024MB]
OHigh[512 - 1024MB]
ONormal[256 - 512MB]
OLow[less than 256MB]