Placements and Hours

Whenever you click Add in the Hours screen in the Volunteer Reporter, the Add button changes to New Place. Normally the data entry person ignores that button and proceeds to choose the volunteer's job and enter hours for that volunteer.

A volunteer who has no placement will have no job listed in Hours. You can assign that person to a job by clicking the New Place button and adding a placement, much the same as it is done in the Placements screen when opened from the main menu. You can also add a placement for a volunteer in the Volunteers section | Placement & Hours tab | New Place button.

Add a Placement

We recommend adding a Placement from the main menu since only one section is open at a time.

Terminate a Placement

To terminate a placement use the EDIT function. Add an ending date.

Restart a Placement

To restart a terminated placement use the EDIT function.

Delete a Placement

To delete a placement, highlight it and click the delete button. You cannot delete a placement which has hour so you must delete the hours first. For recent records, usually you terminate a placement rather than delete to preserve the hours records for reporting.

Revised 04/Aug/2011

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