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Printing a list of Service Categories can be handy to understand their Focus Areas. The list in this discussion reflects the CNCS changes that were incorporated into v6.0 from running the Service Categories Utility (in another tutorial) and the full list below results from adding the Veterans focus area (in another tutorial). The Corporation is phasing out this method of categorization. All Senior Corps programs should follow the official guidelines from their state representatives.

Version 6.0

Service Categories access in v6.0

Version 6.1

Service Categories access in v6.1

Service Category row in Job/Client Fields

When you open the Service Categories screen the list is arranged alphabetically by Service Categories. After you click the Print button you can choose to order the list Alphabetically by Service Category or with the Service Categories grouped into their Focus Areas.

Of course you can go straight to Print/Export, but you might prefer to Preview first.

This is a copy of Page 1 (of 3) of the Service Categories report sorted by Focus Area.

Service Categories by Focus Area List in the Volunteer Reporter

Service Category Focus Area
Nonprofit Infrastructure Development Capacity Building
Nonprofit Resource Develop (Cash/Inkind) Capacity Building
Volunteer Management Capacity Building
Volunteer Recruitment Capacity Building
Disaster Mitigation incl Fire Prev/Fight Disaster Recover/Relief
Disaster Preparedness Disaster Recover/Relief
Disaster Recovery Disaster Recover/Relief
Disaster Response Disaster Recover/Relief
Adult Education & Literacy inc ESL & GED Economic Opportunity
Community Revitalization/Improvement Economic Opportunity
Computer Literacy Economic Opportunity
Consumer Education Economic Opportunity
Cooperatives/Credit Unions Economic Opportunity
Employment Services Economic Opportunity
Employment Training Economic Opportunity
Financial Asset Development Economic Opportunity
Financial Literacy Economic Opportunity
Foreclosure Prevention Economic Opportunity
Homeless Services Economic Opportunity
Housing Infrastructure Economic Opportunity
Housing Placement Services Economic Opportunity
Microenterprise Development and Support Economic Opportunity
Regional/State/City Planning Economic Opportunity
Tax Counseling Economic Opportunity
Workforce Development Economic Opportunity
College Access and Success Education
Cultural Heritage Education
Family Involvement Education
Job Prep/SchToWork/VocEd/Youth ESL & GE Education
Leadership Development Education
Mentoring for Educational Success Education
Out of School Time and Summer Learning Education
Sch Readiness/Head Start/Early Child Ed Education
School Climate Education
Service Learning Education
Student Engagement Education
Teach Recruit, Class Educ, Train, Aides Education
Tutoring Education
Air Quality Improvement Environmental Stewardship
At-risk Ecosystems Improvement Environmental Stewardship
Community Restoration/Clean Up Environmental Stewardship
Drinking Water Qual & Avail Improvement Environmental Stewardship
Energy Use Reduction Environmental Stewardship
Environ Awareness-building & Education Environmental Stewardship
Indoor Environment Improvement Environmental Stewardship
Park Facilities/Trail Improvement Environmental Stewardship
Renewable Energy Environmental Stewardship
Toxic Waste Management Environmental Stewardship
Waste Reduction/Management/Recycling Environmental Stewardship
Adult Day Care Healthy Futures
Benefits Assistance Healthy Futures
Community Gardens Healthy Futures
Congregate Meals Healthy Futures
Food Security Healthy Futures
Health & Mental Health Crisis Intervent Healthy Futures
Health Education Healthy Futures
Health Screening Healthy Futures
HIV/AIDS Healthy Futures
Hospice/Terminally Ill Healthy Futures
Hospital & Clinical Supp Serv incl Rehab Healthy Futures
Immunization Healthy Futures
In-Home Care Healthy Futures
Independent Living Healthy Futures
Mental Health Healthy Futures
Obesity Prevention and Nutrition Educat Healthy Futures
Parent Support Healthy Futures
Physical and Developmental Disabilities Healthy Futures
Respite for Caregivers Healthy Futures
Safety and Accident Prevention Services Healthy Futures
Substance Abuse Healthy Futures
Teen Pregnancy Prevention Healthy Futures
Transportation for Independent Living Healthy Futures
Violence, Abuse & Neglect Prevent & Serv Healthy Futures
Community Policing/Community Patrol Other Community Prioritie
Conflict Resolution/Mediation Other Community Prioritie
Household Safety and Security Other Community Prioritie
Justice System Other Community Prioritie
Legal Services Other Community Prioritie
Library Support Services Other Community Prioritie
Mentoring for Purposes Other than Educat Other Community Prioritie
None of the Above/Other Other Community Prioritie
Thrift Store/Reuse Retail Other Community Prioritie
Veterans Veterans and Military Fam
Total Count: 83


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