Tracking Prospective Volunteers

Temporarily Terminated Volunteers

Some organizations terminate their prospective volunteers temporarily until they fulfill their police checks or other requirements. Those new applicant records can be worked with without cluttering up the active volunteers database or skewing the volunteers-to-hours ratio.

To Terminate a Volunteer

To terminate a volunteer, open the Volunteer | Dates & Info tab | Edit | click the Terminate button | put in same ending date as starting date | OK. Be sure to give the volunteer a Termination Cause, perhaps "Temporary" or "pending approval." Then click OK again. The volunteer's name goes to the Inactive file. To view it, put the dot in Inact. on the Volunteers screen.

Add a Cause of Termination

You can add, edit, or delete categories to the Termination Causes. To Add, click on Reference Codes | Causes-of-Termination | Add | and type a new category | OK. If the Volunteers screen is open you need to close and reopen it to see the new value in the drop-down list.

Track the Prospective Volunteers - Make a Filter

Make a filter to bring up only the Pending Approval terminated volunteers to use on any report, like an Address List or Volunteer Description report.

Open Filters from the top right menu.

Now when you run a report, use the Pending Vols filter instead of All Records.

We have some training videos online if you'd like to see filters creation and use in action.


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