Resizing Screens in Reporter 5.7

This issue addressed in this tutorial was fixed with a patch in version 5.7, but the method for resizing secondary windows in the Reporter might still be useful for everyday ease of use. When you maximize the Reporter to fill the whole screen and then make the secondary windows smaller, you can stagger a couple of windows to click back and forth between them. The one you click on comes to the front. Below is a screen grab of one way to stagger screens.

Small scaled secondary windows can be staggered for access back and forth

On some monitor resolutions, the secondary windows, like Volunteers, is too big when it first opens, so there are scroll bars on the right and bottom of the main Reporter screen. This is easy to adjust.

Screen is too big so scroll bars appear on right and bottom

Check Preferences

First, check your preferences to be sure resizing will persist. Close all but the main window in the Reporter and click on File | Preferences.

Close all but the main window and click on File | Preferences Check 'Save Window Positions'

Make sure 'Save Window Positions' is checked on the Screen tab.
Click OK to save and close Preferences.

Resize the Window

Open Volunteers.
Scroll the far right scroll bar all the way to the bottom.
Scroll the bottom scrollbar all the way to the right.

Scroll to the bottom and to the right

Point at the bottom right corner with your mouse until your arrow cursor Arrow cursor turns into a tiny diagonal double-headed arrow Double-arrow cursor, just below the Close button, exactly at the corner.

Left-click and hold while dragging the mouse aggressively diagonally towards the top left. Don't worry if the image flickers.

Point at the bottom right corner

Let go, click the Close button. When you reopen Volunteers the Reporter will "remember" your resizing.

Tweak the window's position by clicking on the title bar and holding down the left button while you drag it where you want it. You can also resize the screen more precisely to fill as much of the screen as you want because the lower right corner is easy to access now. Click and hold on the corner and drag diagonally up or down.

Position the window by dragging or resizing

You may have to repeat this procedure for other screens in the Reporter, but it's only a one time setup.

Notice that you can drag the divider bar to provide full view of longer names. You might find this useful for long job or station names.

Revised 04/Aug/2011

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